Thursday, December 22, 2011

AND...Here's the Tree

After fighting with the blue lights ... and adding every ornament that I have collected over the last 25 years..
I still could not stand the after three days...
I pulled off ALL 12,000 blue lights and just started over.
I had spend to much money on that darn FLOCKIN tree to let it get the best of me!
 Added some old white lights (with green wires)  that I had.
Dug out all the red stuff that I have had for years and slapped those on top of all the traditional ormnaments.  Did not spend a cent on decor, but went up and down the step stool 5 million times.

 Oh Christmas Tree,
 Oh Christmas Tree,
How you liked to have killed thee..

I am just getting around to getting a picture ...
the branches, like me, have begun to get a bit whimpy and tired by this time of the season.
(No gorgeous wrapping here, I used
 3yrs. worth of  left over scrap paper.)

I have been so busy making scarves, sugared pecans, microwave neck wraps, along with lots of other projects. 
 I  really can't talk about them because spying eyes want to know what I have made them for Christmas. HEHE...

Look at Snoopy having a grand ole time in that flocked tree...

Look out... I caught him this time on his snow mobile...
Sad that it is really 70 degrees and raining out! enjoying napping in the section of the tree that had a missing branch.
(Great way to hide those gaps in real trees, use large ornaments or little stuffed gingerbread people)

I just have to share my bargain..
I picked these up at Lowes for 2.50. 
It bloomed at the beginning of this week and is so pretty on my coffee table.  I have a red one in the kitchen, but it has not bloomed yet.. maybe it will be my New Years lilly.
Smells sooo much better that the paper whites.

Looking forward to sharing lots of recipes,
crafting, and my crazy adventures
 with you in the New Year.

May you have a wonderful Christmas ...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Simply Scarves

Christmas tree...still unfinished.  I know that I really need to just get it finished, but I just don't feel like it. 
Wanted to show you what I have been working on while I'm at the 
"Little House In The Big Woods"

Queen Anne's Lace Scarf...this was so much fun to make.

If you would be interested in a scarf, please message me.
They can be made in any color or color combination

This is the prettiest blue with coffee brown trim. 
The rosettes have a pin back, so they maybe changed out
to another color.

I got a little addicted to making the rosettes.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend..
Yes, next time you see a post here it will be that doggone tree..LOL

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Please Call Me CLARK !

Here it is ...
The FLOCKIN...oops .... Flocked tree...
The humidity is so bad here it took four days for the nursery to have a day nice enough to flock it.
  I really did not feel like messing with this tree,
The lights are the worst part...

My son wanted blue lights...not really what I wanted, but being he is the only one in the house that really wanted a tree, we bought the blue lights.

Oh heck no, 
 do you  see the green wires?
No one told me...
I saw it when I  stepped back.
(It was 10pm and I was not stopping now)

Look a little closer...
This is a full-blown, four-alarm holiday emergency here!

Yes,  there they are!
(I am starting to feel like Clark Griswold)

Kinda like that BIG ole piece of spinach on your front tooth and not one person is gonna speak up!
Don't laugh you know what I mean...

It's ok,
I am working on a plan...
Because the flocking falls off so bad there is
 I am taking those blue lights off.

Call to Camo Man (Hubby)...tell him, we need
 lights with white wires...he says,
" NO, use the lights we've got, cause we have
spent to much on the FLOCKIN tree."

moving on to

 I am going to shove those  blue little monsters down in the tree and put the so many ornaments we
won't need the lights...

(ok for the rest of the season, call me Clark!)

PLAN #3 
 Hey, maybe I could pull one of the spotlights out of the landscape, wire it to the ceiling and have that shining down on the tree ...

 Just to get an idea of the FLOCKING,
look at the socks I wore last night.
Can someone send me some socks and vaccum cleaner bags?


I have got to save this tree and my sanity...well guess you will have to check back and see if I make it through the day or  even the whole flocking season!