Sunday, June 23, 2013

Let The Wedding Plans Begin

   Let the wedding plans begin...Yes, you read that right. We are planning a new house and planning a wedding.
My daughter Britt is getting married.

 Britt and Nick will be getting married in the fall and our family could not be happier for them.
I am so looking forward to all the things in the coming months.
Its amazing how full the weekends will be with dress shopping, ordering invitations, helping her decide what shoes to wear.  
I am not going to lie, I had a few stressful moments wondering, "Oh how will I ever get all this done!"
and then I realized, I only have one daughter.
I can help make this the happiest time of her life.
This is a time when a mother & daughter can create lasting memories.  I want her to cherish each and everything that her and I do together for this occasion.

I think just about every Southern mother dreams of giving her little girl a tea party or a special  brunch at some point in her life.

 What a beautiful location for a tea or brunch...
Nottoway Plantation, located in White Castle, LA

Nottoway took extra care to fulfill the vision
 I had for her special brunch. 

We were joined by an exceptional group of ladies...
Her bridal party and closest friends and family

Shrimp & Grits,  my new favorite way to enjoy shrimp.
The food was fantastic...we enjoyed a four course brunch.
 What a relaxing way to walk off brunch taking pictures in the gardens and taking a tour of the home.

As I start the adventure of building a new home and helping my daughter plan a new life,
 I read this little saying...
It's not the load that breaks you down,
 It's the way you carry it.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

House Plans - Making It Our Own

Searching for the perfect house plan can become overwhelming.
We had a couple plans that we found in magazines...
we liked one thing on one plan and something else on another...
Then as you know we found the perfect piece of property.
The agent informed us that the owner said if we bought the property he would give us
the custom house plans he had designed.
Can I tell you it was one of those "meant to be" moments...
when she rolled out the plan ...
I was in love! 5698 total sq. feet,  it was NOT the "down size" we
were looking for.

We are making it our own. (Plan above)
We have used the basic plan, but have made modifications.
Ours will not have a fourth garage, nor the bonus room above the garage.
The office is going to be bigger and turned into my son's room.
I know it's really popular, but I just did not really care for the brick around the stove. 
 I am a messy cook and to me this looked like a cave. 
We actually had the plan finished, but when I took it to
the cabinet person I mention that I was not loving the kitchen layout and he showed me
that if I moved a wall and switched the fridge and double ovens it would create more room and I would have a walk thru butlers back to the drawing board we went.

I can't wait to see how the changes are going to turn out.
The new plans should be ready this week.
The dirt work is complete and we passed the compaction test.
It's going to be exciting to share what the before & afters
of the kitchen with you,  I'd love to have your feedback.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Mighty Macaroon at Sucre

All Week ... I ride the bike, I walk, drink the freakin
 green healthy spinach smoothies...

 Then the weekend comes along...
and we head down the road - south to 
New Orleans.  We always end up stoppin
at a little place tucked away on
Magazine Street called
What a beautiful cake...
I can resist..

I got this ... I did not lift those weights every evening after work for nothing.
Not gonna let some little fluffy cupcake break me down!

I must not have worked hard enough during the week being good -
Where is the will power
Felt like a big swamp mosquito sucked it right outta me
Yes... I lost my will power to the
Mighty Macaroon

Look at those colors ...
and the menu, drawing me in ...

 Ok ... before ya fuss,
Look at that menu,
Yeah... right there ... Almond
Hey ... Almonds lower your cholesterol !
Work with me here,
I had three cups of spinach and half an apple for breakfast.

 They even wrap them up with a pretty little bow.
Well maybe next week, I will have a little more will power..
or  NOT!
Have you ever been to Sucre ? 
Did you lose the will power to the Mighty Macaroon?
It's ok ... Your secret is safe with me. LOL