Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Country Living Fair ~ Atlanta

Have you considered going to the
Well if you haven't let me share a little information with you, because we (Susie ~ AKA my sister) would love to see some blogland friends there.

The fair is Oct. 21 ~ 23,
 this gives you plenty of time to freeze some dinners for your family so you can join us.

What can you see and do at the fair ...well lets see they have in no particular order,
Book Signings,
and so so much more... did I mention Food?  
 Yes, that is my favorite thing about traveling...trying all the great food.

I have a feeling the weather is going to be perfect...
I am so excited that I will get to see so many great people... Please leave me a comment if you are going or even thinking about it, we don't want to miss catching up with any of you.

Some of my friends that I don't want to miss are Jennifer ~ Sis Boom ,
 Josh and Brent ~ Beekman Boys  , Jen with Earth Angels ,   Cha Cha ~ Heart Felt Home  ...just to name a few.. let me add your name to our list of people to see...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fabulous Friday Four

Welcome to another Fabulous Friday Four
I would love to introduce you to four fabulous blogs I love to follow...

Joanna ~ Southern Girls Nest

Visit Joanna this week as she reviews the book Santa Club.  See how she handles the dreaded questions about Santa Clause.
She also hosts lots of give aways...go by and check her nest out.

Janet ~ Shabby FuFu

 Just like her blog title states,  her blog and home is filled with Shabby fufu. 
So much so, that she is going to be visited for the second time by none other than the fabulous
 Fifi of Romantic Homes magazine.
Right now, Janet's post is her awesome farm table...not just any farm table, but the one her husband remade for her. 
And if you want some Shabby Fufu for yourself...stop by her Etsy shop. 
 I picked up the cutest pendant made of broken china for a necklace. 
 She is super busy with Fifi coming, but I am sure she would love for you to say 'Hi'.

Amy ~ Masion Decor

 Amy shares with us her love for indulging in French Country, Cottage and Vintage designs and styles. 
Today when I popped in to see what Amy was up to...She is going to a Virtual Sleepover.
I have never heard of this, have you???
It all sounds very interesting.  The sleep over is at Donna's , you remember Donna, she was featured here  as one of the Fabulous Four. I really wish I could go, but I will already be out of town. 
Amy also has a really awesome esty shop, it's filled with lots of really beautiful china and vintage items.

Liz ~ Savvy Seasons

Liz shares her Tuscan inspired home with us on her blog. She loves the seasons and holidays. She shares with us her secrets of decorating her gorgeous home for each and every season.  Of course right now she is smack dab in the middle of featuring fall.  
 If you notice on her header she has placed each season so it easy to see all of her wonderful ideas.  Tell her hello for me when you stop by.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about
 your Blogland neighbors.
Check them out, maybe leave them a comment that I sent you by.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some Tips for Those Dirty Little Deeds

Today I am sharing some of my tips for getting some dirty deeds done around the house.
After talking to my sister, I realized there maybe a few of you that had not heard of these.

 This actually is my biggest pet peeve. 
 To have my hands full of something gross,
open the trash can and there is NO bag! 
I HATE holding the styroafoam from ground meat, chicken or a dripping coffee filter to realize there is no bag in the trash can.

Don't get me wrong I am happy to have someone take it out...
but put in a new bag!
I learned this at my last job... put a roll of bags in the bottom of the can.
Then when the bag is pulled out, the bags are
right there. No digging in the cabinet or pantry.

Lint...we ALL have it, unless of course you are a millionaire and have your laundry sent out.

But what do you do with it...
Ya hate to thow it out...there is just so much of it. 
 No, I am not a hoarder...I do throw some of it away.

Oh what can we do with all that lint ? 

I love DIY's,  but no we are not going
to make the dog a sweater.

I read this tip in a backpacking magazine,  
dryer lint makes a wonderful fire starter.
 I have a ziplock at home for our outdoor fireplace and one at the camp for the kids to use
when they want to build a fire in the fire ring.
Back packers use it because it is very very light and it can be stored in a medicine bottle to keep it dry.

Microwaves...that great thing we use day in and day out in our busy home.
Boy do they get nasty...Go the door...

Take a look look on the top..GROSS

Oh the big brown spot in the back?
I know you just have to ask.

Cause of  the Big Brown Spot....
 The child that thinks he is smarter than me,
just because he is taller ...  HAHA
He put popcorn in the microwave without the
 glass turn-table
(it was right there in the unloaded dishwasher).
Let's just say....he did not eat his popcorn, he had to unload the dish washer and use this tip when the fire alarm went off.

Put a few tablespoons of vanilla ...real or imitation and water in a microwave safe bowl. 
Put it on for about two minutes. The steam will losen all the grado (gunk) off so
all you will need to do is wipe it clean.
You will be left with a nice clean smell in the mircowave and kitchen.
Actually everyone in the house will come running, because they will think you are baking. HA
Let them unload the dishwasher...


Sweet tip
I was suprise this morning when I told my sister this tip and she had never heard it.
When  bananas get freckles at my house...they sit.
How many times did I throw them to the chickens because I just did not have time to make muffins.
Now I put them into a ziplock and freeze them.
Frozen banana...taste just like a
Banana Fudgesicle.. well close. 
 If there are any frozen ones
left I will thaw them and make bread.

 Hope todays tips will help you with some
 dirty deeds around the house. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monogrammed For The Marshes

This weekend my daughters boyfriend asked me if I could do him a favor...
I thought, awww...
he wants me to cook something special,
maybe he needs me to help him pick something out for my daughter?

Whatever could it be?

"Naw",  he said.
"I  just need ya to do some monogramming" 

I thought...
Maybe a cute tote bag for Britt?
 He is such a sweety,
 could it be something for his mom?

Something for the OTHER FEMALE in his life!

Louisiana is known as the 'Sportsmans Paradise' and hunting and fishing are taken very seriously.

He wanted me to monogram his lab Bella's name on her duck hunting vest. 

Yes, I told you..
They take it very seriously here...
he wanted Bella to be "special" and have her name in hunters orange for everyone to see!
(They will be in a duck blind down in the marshes, not sure how many people will actually see it.)

It actually turned out really cute...
if you want to call a camo dog vest cute.

I am sure once they get to the duck blind,
 all the other guys will want their poochies to have  monogrammed vest.

{Photo... courtesy of Cabela's}

Heres to
Bella, Nick & all the other hunters,
May you have a
happy, safe & successful duck hunting season.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fabulous Friday Four

Happy Friday to you...
I hope you enjoy visiting this Friday's Fabulous Four
Four fabulous blogs that I love to follow...

Clip ~ Stitch ~ Press ~ Create

What a really neat Quilt blog...  When you see her blog, you will not believe that Faith has only been quilting since 2009. She has some really great patterns along with easy to follow tutorials. The picture above is her Summer Sampler, one of many she has featured along her side bar.

A Fun Place To Get Your House Fix

Talk about a fun place...she gives you a look inside some fabulous homes...right now she gives us a peek inside Kirstie Alleys oceanfront cottage...
Julia even shares with us glimpes of  tv and movie homes...ranging from 'You've Got Mail' to the "Adams Family' can find a long list of favorites under her header.
Go on over...while you are there, tell her I sent you by.

Kalyn ~ Kalyns Kithchen
Real Food, Real Cooking, Real Results

I actually met Kalyn on Twitter...her blog is packed with lots of lower-glycemic recipes.
She shares with readers her journey of cooking wonderful meals that resulted in her losing 42 pounds and keeping it off. 
But, even if you are not needing to lose weight, her recipes help you to just eat healthier.
 You can find recipes listed by ingredient on her side bar..LOVE THAT!
Heck it's Friday... what better time than this weekend to try out a new recipe?

Tiffany ~ Song Bird Tiff
Where Frugal Living Is For The Birds

I just love Tiffany and her blog...her blog makes you feel right at home as she shares her life as a wife and mom to Lane and their furry -kids.
  You can follow along as she shares her ideas for handmade gifts, to cleaning and organizing.
Today she is showing her readers her Autumn Decor...(I am waiting on a post she is working on for Chicken pressure Tiff. LOL)
Drop by...follower blog, FB or Twitter..

Hope you have enjoyed reading about
 your Blogland neighbors.
Check them out, maybe leave them a comment that I sent you by.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who Are We Kidding ?...Fall In South Louisiana

This is not my driveway...our leaves have fallen  due to heat and lack of rain...

Who are we kidding?
Fall is not really in the air here in the South.
I must say that I am so jealous of those that have tweeted and blogged about putting on their sweaters.

Bloggers are having Linky Fall Parties...
If I wait till cooler temps, heck ya'll will be putting up the Christmas trees...

Let me explain Fall in the South.

 Fall here in the South is in our hearts...
 a state of being.
 Yesterday when I got in my car at 3pm it was still 100 degrees.

Fall  in south Louisiana is
Friday night high school football in shorts with mosquito spray.

Blaise receiving his letter mans jacket last year...note they are sweating and have not even opened the jackets.

Fall in the South is  
saying a prayer we will not get
 another Cat. 4 0r 5  hurricane in my lifetime,

 or best yet...
 hoping the neighbors won't laugh as you put out the fall wreath with sweat running between your boobs!

I'm sure Martha never has sweat running down her boobs while hanging a wreath...heck look at that sweater and scarf!

NOTE...this is not my daughter..LOL

My daughter asked Monday if it was
 ok to still wear white...

I told her,  "Of course, Labor Day has
come and gone,
 but Mother Nature does not know that and
it is just too hot to wear all those fall clothes."

Fall in the South is,
 All my northern friends are sippin
 Starbucks Pumpkin Latte...
I'm still sippin my Wedding Cake flavored Sno Balls..

Yesterday we planted our Fall we hope and pray for cooler temps (the 70's would be nice) and just a little rain.

If we wait for cooler temps...
Halloween would be long gone and the calendar will be well on its way to Turkey Day.   
But don't feel sorry for me,
because I have fall in my heart.
 This weekend I will be pulling
out all the fall decore..
Let's just hope I don't have a heat stroke
 in the attic... 

Monday, September 12, 2011

What A Winning Idea From Vegas

While on a recent trip to Vegas,
I spotted this really cool arrangement
on a side table at our hotel. 

 These simple plants in this gorgeous silver planter really stood out on the marble table.
This is a look that  can defiantly be done at home.

I love the contrast and textures of
these plants together. 
These  require very little water, so they can  live happily together. 
 I have grown both of these, but have never put them together...looks like I will be on the hunt for an awesome planter...

Do you have live plants in your home? 
 If so, have you found any great combinations that work well together?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shoppin New Orleans Style

Today I am going to wrap up our trip to New Orleans with a little shopping.
You just can not go to New Orleans with out stepping into a few little shops. 

How cute is this shop! 
Love the curtains in the windows...
 Royal Street is full of little shops like this one.

Camo Man loves the outdoors,
but refused to let me get this chair. 
Not sure why? Could it be the color?  LOL

I have been following a shop on FB and finally got to visit ...Fleurty Girl. 
 She has the largest and cutest selection of t's

Lots of feathers in New Orleans...
Love these Saints  headbands...Go Saints!

I just had to share this last photo with you...while there the Red Hat Society was having their international convention.  WoW it was nothing but red and purple on the streets of New Orleans.
This sweet lady from California let me take a picture of her bling bra purse... Someone made it for her out of ribbon and a bra!
Hope you survived the holiday weekend,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fabulous Friday Four

Welcome to Fabulous Friday Four

As the weekend unfolds, I will be waiting on a storm, but I hope that you will stop in and tell these fellow bloggers hello and that
 I sent you by for a visit.
  Bloggers live for comments!

Chickens On The Porch  
Meet  Callie she has 3 Acres in Northern California and 14 Free Range Chickens ...and yes, they are sometimes on the porch. 
She also shares her love of Morgan, her farm dog and quilting.  Her quilts are just beautiful, look on the top of her blog for a link to see the ones she has so lovingly made.

Butterfly Genes   
 I met Heather in Tenn. for the very first Blissdom. She is one of those people that when you meet,  you instantly feel like family.
Her blog is her journey as a christian, wife, mother, and teacher. 
She is dedicated to home schooling her son and in her free time loves making beautiful tassels.
 She now offers the cutest little key chain tassels, these would make awesome Christmas gifts. 

This is the ultimate crafting blog... Skip to my Lou is a must see blog if you are a crafter.
Emily has tutorials on everything.  If you are new to blogging and are looking to find crafting blogs, this is where you can connect to lots of crafting friends.

My Toes are Claustrophobic  
 Meet Kimberly as she takes us on her travels and introduces us to her wonderful family.
Her current post will have your mouth watering!  She takes us to Hatch, New Mexico and introduces us to Hatch's world famous green chile. 
Also, if you can follow her there too.

Happy Labor Day...See you next week,