Monday, April 18, 2011

No Sand Box Here

Last summer we had some sand delivered for
a home improvement project.
Well, Camo Man had to cover up the left overs.

I suggested making a big sand box...then he reminded me, our children are 18 & 23...
Lots of work to just cover a pile of sand...
but I am sure going to love it when we have
 tomatoes and cucumbers...

DON'T BE SCARED...they don't bite. 
But they are a pain in the butt and I am happy to report they are almost gone!

Not hard to believe, but our chickens would not even eat them!   YUCK

OK...Let's look at something nice now...
 I found a little time to snap a
few pictures of my niece...

She has had so much going on with her dads stroke, school work, and work. She needed a few pictures to put in her graduation invitations.

I jump at every opportunity to take pictures...
also helps having a willing model..HAHA

Lots of projects going on... I have been really busy on two BIG projects that I can't share yet... 
They are gifts...
I am not so good at keeping surprises
but these will have to wait.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Photo

I was at the camp a few months back and whipped up my daughter a scarf.
I needed to use up some left over yarn.  I loved the colors.

This is an a afghan that I made for my son over the winter.
Sorry about the blurry pictures, I had taken these with my cell phone.

This one was so easy and fun that I plan on making a couple more. I was able to work on one square at a time so I did not have a huge blanket to pack around.
Do you have a hobby or craft that you take with you to work on?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Robins Nest...

Please send a few happy thoughts and prayers over to our friend at Robin's Nest.
Sat. night her daughter was in an ATV accident.
She has some injuries, but will recover.
She has not blogged, but you can see it on her
 Face Book page.
 Even if you do not have a Face Book, please leave her a comment on her blog. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not Quite Ready Yet...

Well it has finally arrived,
you know that time of your life you have waited so long for,
to see the 'baby' finally grow up and
be ready to be a man.
My husband has stated that as soon as the
kids are on their own
we will have a extra time, money, room in the house, less clothes to wash.

My favorite in the driveway.
 I hate backing out the garage to only have to
maneuver around the kids and friends cars.

Well...the baby had Prom tonight,
18th Birthday will be on Wed.,
then graduation and a senior trip to Europe.
I am so happy for him, but so sad for myself.
Blogging this so I that I don't sit and cry while waiting on him to get home.
Don't get me wrong we are not putting them out..(not yet anyway).
Daughter will graduate with a degree in
 elementary ed. in Dec.
I know there has to be some blog friends that are experiencing these feelings,
Happy...but sad.
Please share how you are coping.
Please don't suggest counseling, I'm broke having all these expenses! LOL

Friday, April 1, 2011


 As I looked for a photo for todays post I came across one 0f my trips to Disney.
Three years ago my son and his band class went to march in one of the many parades. 
What a memory, the group I was chaperoning did not show up to the assigned check in spot nor answer any of their phones ...
I was freaking out !

Come  to find out they were stuck on a ride. 
This photo was of them
 trying to explain what happened,
the boy in the middle was a bit excited,
seems they were given free fast passes.
(And to believe, I almost did not go because  I was worried saving my days at work for sick days!)

As his time gets oh so close to graduation, these are the memories I will forever cherish.

Have a wonderful weekend,