Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coozie Crazy

Wanted to share with you what I whipped up this morning after a long stormy night.
Can ya guess what it is?

My son has his senior prom this weekend so I wanted to make him and his friends a little inexpensive gift.
Of course being a boy,
 I have to be careful that I don't embarrass him. 

This is a beverage coozie.
 I whipped up one for his date, Sydnee.
 {I love how she spells her name}
 They were only $ 2.50 each. 
It was  so easy that I made some more for a few of his friends.

Wanted to share something I can not live without. 
If you do any type of intricate cutting or trimming these little scissors are a must have.

Didn't they turn out cute?

Now if getting his tux, haircut, dinner reservations, etc. would be this easy.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Photo

First let me wish my father a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Can you guess what my weekend chore is? 
Cleaning the green off this fence...
   What are your weekend plans?

Monday, March 21, 2011


 A Ruffler Foot ...
Oh how I have longed for one.
While  I  was searching for the foot in a fabric shop,
Susie was browsing the books
 (she is not a  fabricholoic)  and she found this great book.
I could not believe it...I had just watched the author,
Kay Whitt on the PBS show  Sewing with Nancy a few months earlier.  She was just so inspiring and  personable.

Well ya know how it goes,  in the south we feel like we know everyone ,
even if we've only seen them on t.v.
So the book came home with me!

by Kay Whitt

You can see by the ruffles on the pocket and bottom of the skirt, my little attachment will come in very handy.

I just think these outfits are adorable.

Today I am going to embark on trying to make one of Kay's skirts.
If you have a ruffler foot attachment or
this book....PLEASE share any tips or advice...


P.S.     Thanks Susie for browsing the books!

Friday, March 18, 2011


{OOPS....My bad...I have not blogged in awhile and did not know today was blog Silence for Japan.}

My Friday Photo is a picture I made for  Camo Man for Christmas. 
 He loves his furry friends.
As you can see in the photo below, they love Camo Man just as much!

Well this week has been very trying..
Our lab has some how chipped a bone and torn a ligament in her back leg.
Not easy keeping an active outside dog quite.
She is not taking well to being walked on a leash, but ya know I don't think I could do my business with someone standing over me either.
                     Have a great weekend,

Thursday, March 3, 2011

THE not Elvis

Here it is,
 the KING at our house this time of year...
King Cake that is.

Last year I was crazy enough to try making one from scratch.

I mixed... and mixed..

Max was waiting for me to drop anything that he could eat...

While the King was rising...I monogrammed some hand towels for Susie . 

A little filling..cinnamon + Bavarian cream = YUM

Roll it up..baked..and decorated..

Can I tell you, after cleaning up the messy kitchen,
 I vowed this year to just stop by the
bakery and pick one up!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Here in the South we have a way of turning 
just about everything and I mean everything into a party...
Well  today I am heading out to plan our next "PARTY"  
  This guys graduation from high school...

(I can not tell you much about this guy...he said that he would be mad if I put him on this blog.
I took the pictures so I figured that I can post them and you can read a little about him in the picture captions...maybe he won't notice)
(I can tell you that I had to beg to take these pictures, so you can tell he loves music.)

Yes, I know that he will not graduate until May.
 But when you are on a budget it's never to early to start planning.

(He plays the trumpet, french horn and mellaphone and will graduate with honors including
AP World History and French )

Today's plan is to scout out the party stores, Hobby Lobby and of course the Dollar Store for any decorating ideas.