Monday, July 9, 2012

Another Adventure Of Miss & Sue Part 2

Alrighty now... on with the rest of our adventure...
We shopped at the Country Living Fair for two fun filled days.

Loved this bird house...but a little bit too big to
strap to the top of the car.

I know it looks a bit windy. The weather was actually perfect.
Aren't those the cutest flags. I am going to make some like that
 for our Little House In The Big Woods. 
I just saw some colorful bandannas at Hobby Lobby for cheap.

What a great mix of old chenille blankets and new minky fabric.
Have you ever seen something and later wish you would have bought it?
I wish now that I would have bought this to put up for a baby gift.

Look at those bowls...I need to pull mine out the cabinets.

Ya know me (animal freak) I can't walk past an animal and not pet it. One day I am waiting to have my hand bitten off from this bad habit.  Well actually if it is showing its teeth and hissing I usually back up a bit. LOL

Well we could not go to Austin and
not venture out and get lost downtown!

It took us one hour to go four times around the state capitol building and three times asking for directions.

But hey, I do believe this dude is lost too!!
And people think we are insane, who rides a mule on a busy down town street?

Humm, maybe he was still drunk from the night before.

Hey Cupcake was screaming our name. It was hard waiting for the light to change.

Right across was this cool little shop.
 Can't remember the name of it.

No words for this it was just color overload.

I must leave you with this one last photo of our trip...
Wonder why we got lost so many times this trip?
Susie ate the whole time while driving!  No I am not kidding.
We were very sad (I told you in the last post you would laugh and cry) this will be our last 'Road Trip" for awhile.  The day before we left I found out that I was hired for a new job.  It was a career opportunity that I could not pass up right now.  I am certainly missing ya'll and her right now.  I hope that soon I can have a schedule to work and blog.  If you have any time management tips PLEASE share, I need all the help that I can get.

Love and Miss Ya'll,


NanaDiana said...

Oh- I am loving that Susie girl! Everyone needs a friend like that. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Loved the ass wandering around downtown (take that anyway you want)...and the cupcake shop and the yarn shop and the junk store----what fun!

Congrats on the new job. Sometimes I miss WORKING but NOT the last job I had. Make sure you let us know what you are going to be doing! xo Diana

Made In The South said...

NanaDiana ~ Thank you for your sweet comment!! You are my 900th comment, well who really cares? ME
Thank you for visiting, commenting and being such a fabulous friend!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Love you too Diana and Missy...but miss... You are sooo gonna get it!

mississippi artist said...

When you look back on a trip it is usually the ones where you get lost that are the most fun!Seems that is when you find the best shops or neat things to see!

Clydia said...

Looks like such a fun trip! Congrats on the new job!! You two sure do have ya some adventures don't ya!

Cotton Peony said...

Love is post Missy! You look soo good, I'm green! I hope some day we'll be able to do adventures together!

with love,
Cotton Peony

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