Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coozie Crazy

Wanted to share with you what I whipped up this morning after a long stormy night.
Can ya guess what it is?

My son has his senior prom this weekend so I wanted to make him and his friends a little inexpensive gift.
Of course being a boy,
 I have to be careful that I don't embarrass him. 

This is a beverage coozie.
 I whipped up one for his date, Sydnee.
 {I love how she spells her name}
 They were only $ 2.50 each. 
It was  so easy that I made some more for a few of his friends.

Wanted to share something I can not live without. 
If you do any type of intricate cutting or trimming these little scissors are a must have.

Didn't they turn out cute?

Now if getting his tux, haircut, dinner reservations, etc. would be this easy.