Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mothers Day Craziness

This post is way over due. My house has been nothing but crazy since the beginning of May.
(two graduations, out of town company, made two quilts, daughter had surgery, and a funeral)

My daughter entered me into a Face Book contest. She posted our picture on a local jewelry store FB page. 
The picture with the most "likes" won a pearl necklace set.

 What started out as a small thing quickly 
 'BLEW UP' in just a few days!

First you have to two kids have very different personalities.
I know that is strange to some people, but these two can not get along.

 At first when she asked my son to get his friends to "like" the picture he would not hear of it.
(He told her "Guys don't do that crap.")
She had our picture winning for a week.
Every time someone else's picture would get "likes", she would find more of her friends to "like" our picture.

 Then she had to go out of town and her numbers slipped on FB. She called me from Flordia crying that she was going to lose.

What's a mom to do?
I asked Blaise to please help his sister out, she had worked hard getting the word out...
 much to my surprise  he jumped in and started asking his friends to vote!

When she returned thats when things got CRAZY...
 they TEAMED UP!  
(I even went outside that night to see if it were a full moon)
 They were going to win that contest.
It was getting insane...they even had Susie helping over on her blog.

I begged ordered them to stop,
but it was NOT about winning their old mom a gift.
Oh, but no they were just obsessed with winning!

These two along with Susie and lots of friends  ended up getting the jewelry store
well over 450 new FB friends!
When it was over they lost out on the pearls to a young lady that entered her mom, 
her mom had  just lost her son to brain cancer.

The jewelry store was so impressed with the numbers, they gave my kids $100.00 gift certificate.
I went  yesterday with my daughter and picked out a beautiful bracelet that you add charms to.
Of course, I added their birth stones to start.

  I must say that ...So many people talk bad about FB, but it brought my two kids together (even if it was for a week) they laughed and worked as a team and seeing that was the most beautiful gift of all!

Even though ya'll (kids) say you don't read my blog,
 I know you do.... I want you to know "I LOVE YA'LL"
this was the best Mothers Day EVER! 


Clydia said...

So sweet! Love the bracelet!

Jenn said...

What a cute story!

Fairfield House said...


I think you won! I think most siblings close in age bicker until they're adults. The bracelet is beautiful. I hope every time you look at it you remember that when it matters, your children are there for each other. :)

Your Friend,

PS Stop by my blog and enter the Cottage Charm Give-Away. Lots of antique and vintage items!

Twice as Nice said...

Just her entering you because she thinks you're the best mother ever makes you a winner! The two of them working together was really sweet. You now have a bracelet with a wonderful story behind it.

Mandy @ Creekside Creations said...

That is a great story and memory to have!

omar ali said...

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