Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some Tips for Those Dirty Little Deeds

Today I am sharing some of my tips for getting some dirty deeds done around the house.
After talking to my sister, I realized there maybe a few of you that had not heard of these.

 This actually is my biggest pet peeve. 
 To have my hands full of something gross,
open the trash can and there is NO bag! 
I HATE holding the styroafoam from ground meat, chicken or a dripping coffee filter to realize there is no bag in the trash can.

Don't get me wrong I am happy to have someone take it out...
but put in a new bag!
I learned this at my last job... put a roll of bags in the bottom of the can.
Then when the bag is pulled out, the bags are
right there. No digging in the cabinet or pantry.

Lint...we ALL have it, unless of course you are a millionaire and have your laundry sent out.

But what do you do with it...
Ya hate to thow it out...there is just so much of it. 
 No, I am not a hoarder...I do throw some of it away.

Oh what can we do with all that lint ? 

I love DIY's,  but no we are not going
to make the dog a sweater.

I read this tip in a backpacking magazine,  
dryer lint makes a wonderful fire starter.
 I have a ziplock at home for our outdoor fireplace and one at the camp for the kids to use
when they want to build a fire in the fire ring.
Back packers use it because it is very very light and it can be stored in a medicine bottle to keep it dry.

Microwaves...that great thing we use day in and day out in our busy home.
Boy do they get nasty...Go the door...

Take a look look on the top..GROSS

Oh the big brown spot in the back?
I know you just have to ask.

Cause of  the Big Brown Spot....
 The child that thinks he is smarter than me,
just because he is taller ...  HAHA
He put popcorn in the microwave without the
 glass turn-table
(it was right there in the unloaded dishwasher).
Let's just say....he did not eat his popcorn, he had to unload the dish washer and use this tip when the fire alarm went off.

Put a few tablespoons of vanilla ...real or imitation and water in a microwave safe bowl. 
Put it on for about two minutes. The steam will losen all the grado (gunk) off so
all you will need to do is wipe it clean.
You will be left with a nice clean smell in the mircowave and kitchen.
Actually everyone in the house will come running, because they will think you are baking. HA
Let them unload the dishwasher...


Sweet tip
I was suprise this morning when I told my sister this tip and she had never heard it.
When  bananas get freckles at my house...they sit.
How many times did I throw them to the chickens because I just did not have time to make muffins.
Now I put them into a ziplock and freeze them.
Frozen banana...taste just like a
Banana Fudgesicle.. well close. 
 If there are any frozen ones
left I will thaw them and make bread.

 Hope todays tips will help you with some
 dirty deeds around the house. 


Cherie said...

WOW! Great tips.
The trash bag thing irriates me too!
I also put a dryer sheet in the bottom of mine.

Didn't know about the lint. What a good idea. I always use it as a duster in the laundry room to get all the goop and gunk off the washer and dirty.


Clydia said...

Thanks for the great tips! I've never heard of the lint one before. Definitely gonna use that one. I done the microwave one, but never even thought of adding vanilla to make it smell good too! Your brillant! By the way....LOVE your granite. I wished I would've chosen that one now! XOXO

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Shall I start saving my lint for you? Trust me I have plenty ;)

Made In The South said...

Oh Heck No... Plenty of my own lent. LOL

Blondie's Journal said...

I love these tips...I'll remember the lint one. And the vanilla for the microwave. I wish I had a tip for you!! Thanks!


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Great Tips! I saw where one lady on Pinterest was making paper out of her dryer lint-That was too much for me for sure but I could us it easily as a fire starter! One tip I learned when I owned a floral shop is you never want to put apples with any other fruit unless you want it to ripe fast. Never ever put apples around your cut flowers because the gas in the apples cause the flowers to wilt real fast!

Hope you are having a great week, I am playing catch up!

Heidiopia said...

Wow! Never knew that about dryer lint!! Lord I could furnish entire communities with firestarter, I think. :) Thanks for sharing.
Heidi @ Show Some Decor

Stephanie said...

Isn't if funny how your sister didn't know your tips? You probably talk every day, but forgot to mention them. I just love all of them, especially the trash one, so smart and no excuses anymore.

mississippi artist said...

Great tips! I think adding the vanilla to clean the microwave is genius,cleaning and making your house smell good at the same time. I love multi tasking!