Friday, September 2, 2011

Fabulous Friday Four

Welcome to Fabulous Friday Four

As the weekend unfolds, I will be waiting on a storm, but I hope that you will stop in and tell these fellow bloggers hello and that
 I sent you by for a visit.
  Bloggers live for comments!

Chickens On The Porch  
Meet  Callie she has 3 Acres in Northern California and 14 Free Range Chickens ...and yes, they are sometimes on the porch. 
She also shares her love of Morgan, her farm dog and quilting.  Her quilts are just beautiful, look on the top of her blog for a link to see the ones she has so lovingly made.

Butterfly Genes   
 I met Heather in Tenn. for the very first Blissdom. She is one of those people that when you meet,  you instantly feel like family.
Her blog is her journey as a christian, wife, mother, and teacher. 
She is dedicated to home schooling her son and in her free time loves making beautiful tassels.
 She now offers the cutest little key chain tassels, these would make awesome Christmas gifts. 

This is the ultimate crafting blog... Skip to my Lou is a must see blog if you are a crafter.
Emily has tutorials on everything.  If you are new to blogging and are looking to find crafting blogs, this is where you can connect to lots of crafting friends.

My Toes are Claustrophobic  
 Meet Kimberly as she takes us on her travels and introduces us to her wonderful family.
Her current post will have your mouth watering!  She takes us to Hatch, New Mexico and introduces us to Hatch's world famous green chile. 
Also, if you can follow her there too.

Happy Labor Day...See you next week,


Wendy said...

Thanks!! All four look awesome! Stay safe this weekend and week to come.

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey girlie! :) Glad you liked my vlog..hee hee hee Carson is a wonderful videographer...he makes stop motion movies on my camera. He's a VERY creative and talented 10 year old! :)
I LOVE my little feet on my of the best DIY's I've done! I've been working all day long cutting and nailing in my dining room...I'm bushed! how bad was my accent to you? :) lol
No rain here this weekend...just temps near 100!! ugh!
Missy :)
Gonna go check out these lovely blogs you've featured here! :)

mississippi artist said...

I hope you make it through the storm o.k. I am worried about the wind and flooding here too. Gonna go check out these blogs you featured!

Beverly@southernhomesweethome said...

Makes me want some chickens. those are so cute!

Blondie's Journal said...

The chickens are darling!! Thanks so much for the links! And stay out of the way of the storm!!


Casa Mia * My House * said...

Thanks for dropping by. Keep safe!

Heathahlee said...

Thank you, Missy! What a pleasant surprise to see your tweet telling me about this! Visiting the other ladies now! Stay safe and dry this weekend!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Girlllll you know how to pick em! Love these girls~