Sunday, June 23, 2013

Let The Wedding Plans Begin

   Let the wedding plans begin...Yes, you read that right. We are planning a new house and planning a wedding.
My daughter Britt is getting married.

 Britt and Nick will be getting married in the fall and our family could not be happier for them.
I am so looking forward to all the things in the coming months.
Its amazing how full the weekends will be with dress shopping, ordering invitations, helping her decide what shoes to wear.  
I am not going to lie, I had a few stressful moments wondering, "Oh how will I ever get all this done!"
and then I realized, I only have one daughter.
I can help make this the happiest time of her life.
This is a time when a mother & daughter can create lasting memories.  I want her to cherish each and everything that her and I do together for this occasion.

I think just about every Southern mother dreams of giving her little girl a tea party or a special  brunch at some point in her life.

 What a beautiful location for a tea or brunch...
Nottoway Plantation, located in White Castle, LA

Nottoway took extra care to fulfill the vision
 I had for her special brunch. 

We were joined by an exceptional group of ladies...
Her bridal party and closest friends and family

Shrimp & Grits,  my new favorite way to enjoy shrimp.
The food was fantastic...we enjoyed a four course brunch.
 What a relaxing way to walk off brunch taking pictures in the gardens and taking a tour of the home.

As I start the adventure of building a new home and helping my daughter plan a new life,
 I read this little saying...
It's not the load that breaks you down,
 It's the way you carry it.

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