Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Mighty Macaroon at Sucre

All Week ... I ride the bike, I walk, drink the freakin
 green healthy spinach smoothies...

 Then the weekend comes along...
and we head down the road - south to 
New Orleans.  We always end up stoppin
at a little place tucked away on
Magazine Street called
What a beautiful cake...
I can resist..

I got this ... I did not lift those weights every evening after work for nothing.
Not gonna let some little fluffy cupcake break me down!

I must not have worked hard enough during the week being good -
Where is the will power
Felt like a big swamp mosquito sucked it right outta me
Yes... I lost my will power to the
Mighty Macaroon

Look at those colors ...
and the menu, drawing me in ...

 Ok ... before ya fuss,
Look at that menu,
Yeah... right there ... Almond
Hey ... Almonds lower your cholesterol !
Work with me here,
I had three cups of spinach and half an apple for breakfast.

 They even wrap them up with a pretty little bow.
Well maybe next week, I will have a little more will power..
or  NOT!
Have you ever been to Sucre ? 
Did you lose the will power to the Mighty Macaroon?
It's ok ... Your secret is safe with me. LOL


NanaDiana said...

I would have married the almond macaroon right on the spot!!!! xo Diana

Made In The South said...

I only had two.. But the literally melt in your mouth. If you ever visit New Orleans it's a place you must visit.

Emily said...

How have I not been to this place yet!? I live in Baton Rouge and am in New Orleans at least once a month. Thanks for sharing. I will have to check out this little gem of a place!

Sue said...

Can I say, " temptation?!" LOL Looks and sounds yummy...,

mississippi artist said...

Salted caramel-be still my heart! My new favorite food is Breyer's Caramel Praline Crunch ice cream sprinkled with sea salt! Yes! I know it is crazy, but it is delicious!