Monday, April 18, 2011

No Sand Box Here

Last summer we had some sand delivered for
a home improvement project.
Well, Camo Man had to cover up the left overs.

I suggested making a big sand box...then he reminded me, our children are 18 & 23...
Lots of work to just cover a pile of sand...
but I am sure going to love it when we have
 tomatoes and cucumbers...

DON'T BE SCARED...they don't bite. 
But they are a pain in the butt and I am happy to report they are almost gone!

Not hard to believe, but our chickens would not even eat them!   YUCK

OK...Let's look at something nice now...
 I found a little time to snap a
few pictures of my niece...

She has had so much going on with her dads stroke, school work, and work. She needed a few pictures to put in her graduation invitations.

I jump at every opportunity to take pictures...
also helps having a willing model..HAHA

Lots of projects going on... I have been really busy on two BIG projects that I can't share yet... 
They are gifts...
I am not so good at keeping surprises
but these will have to wait.


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I been wanting some raised boxes for my gardening, yours are perfect! You have such a nice plot of land to put them on too. We have neighbors on both sides of us and not much of a back yard. Someday we will get our land!
The graduation invitation pictures turned out super cute-But how can you go wrong with that model? She's beautiful!
We will be driving over to the coast next weekend, I always think about you and your sister when I go that way, knowing your dad is over there somewhere~ Such a beautiful area. Have a great week!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Can't wait for those cucumbers and wow wow do such an awesome job with that camera. I love Kays pictures. You have no idea how you have blessed us with these babies. I owe you BIG time :)

Cherie said...

Beautiful daughter!
And WOWO i would love to have some raised beds. Ground here is clay, very tough to dig through. Maybe next year.

missbmckay said...

Ahh! Your model is stunning! She'll have great memories of that photo shoot. You did a great job. Your raised beds will be fun to tinker with. At least the sand will help block the weeds. LOL!

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