Thursday, August 25, 2011


Welcome to the French Quarter...
 pretty quite for a late Friday afternoon.

Unlike its portrayal...not all of the streets in the Quarters are wild & crazy.

Although, I would not recommend
 bringing young children. 
 There are so many child friendly things to do,
the Audubon Zoo,  a wonderful aquarium where you can explore in the comfort of air conditioning.

 Want to know how to snag a balcony view?
Most bars are two story, so they will let patrons go out on the balconies.

Yup, snagged us a balcony seat...
 some bars do not require you to buy a drink.
But if you come in the hot summer months, you will want to be sippin on something. 

They do offer nice souvenir drink cups...or guess you could say Fleur De Li's cups

The French Quarter offers lots of little bars with no cover charge...there you can get a
 cold one usually '3 for 1', and if you are lucky a little band is playing for you to do a little dance.
This is a video I made on my phone...Camo man and his mom dancing the 'Gonzales Jitter~Bug' to
the song Mustang Sally...

Now you do not want to stay in the
French Quarter too long...there is a point
that if you do not go home you
may end up like the fellow below...

(I have protected his identity in case he has family looking for him)

Tomorrow, some fabulous places to eat down
in the 'Big Easy',  so come hungry...


Susie from Bienvenue said...

I love it!!! Makes me want to get up and dance...if I knew how..ha!

Bonnie said...

Now I want to visit New Orleans, sit on a balcony & sip a daquiri from the Fleur de Lis cup. :)