Thursday, August 4, 2011


I very seldom receive anything in the mail.
 My daughter is on that coupon and freebie kick so she runs to the mailbox...

Somebody...Anybody...Pinch me Please!

Could it ?   Could this package be for me?

Yup!  That big envelope on the foyer buffet is for me!

Pinch me again!
I just received this kaleidoscope of colorful fabric from a wonderful new twitter/blog friend. 
It is all fabulous fabric from 

THANK YOU FRIEND...isn't it funny how our Blog friends know just when we need a pick me up?

Let me show you my new  Candy Jar
 Seriously, on Fri. I bought the jar from William Sonoma on the clearance table for 15.00. 
 I had no idea what I was gonna use it for!

I can certainly tell you this 'Candy' will not last long!

I have a couple of no calorie recipes  for all this 'Candy'

Join me here tomorrow for The Fabulous Four...
I will be reviewing four more great blogs
 for you to checkout!



Cherie said...

what a wonderful gift!

what is your twitter name?
find me if you like @dragonfliezmade

Susie from Bienvenue said...

You go girl!!!! What are you going to make with all of that beautiful fabric? Can't wait to see...
That was so sweet of her :)

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Very cool! I love the fabric and adore the jar-Great find!

I've met so many friends blogging, some have even become sisters and vacation at my home each year. :)

Sue said...

Your "candy" looks pretty darn good in your new jar! Whatcha gonna do with all of it? I know what you mean about never getting mail- and I don't think that bills count! :-)