Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hungry ? Let's Eat

New could live here your entire life and never eat at all the awesome places in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. 
 I am gonna just share a few places and tips from the weekend.

First stop... On Bourbon Street...  Aruaud's 

 I was not feeling really great, so not expecting much, I ordered a flat bread pizza, 
to my surprise it was light and very fresh!
Camo Man had a Shrimp Poboy...he loved it. They use New Orleans style french bread. The bread is a little hard, not your typical soft bread.
This is a great little place for lunch. Not over priced and great food with lots of variety on the menu.
I saw a ton of people ordering the little pots of gumbo (must have been tourist)...being from the south, I was not about to eat gumbo
 in 100 degree weather.
I save that to eat when its about 75 and below. LOL

On Sat. we headed over to the French Market...We stoppped in to rest our feet and have a little drink.
Our waitress mentioned that they always have a little band that starts around noon.

Icy Cold.  

Craving a little sweet?
Not a problem...New Orleans is filled with places to get sweets.

Benigets...ya have to have those!  I was covered in powdered sugar, so I did not want to touch the camera for that. You can NOT come to the Big Easy without getting trying a few of those.

 Dinner at Drago's  (no reservations required)....
well lets just say, the charbroiled oysters are...  

the rib eye NOT so good! 
But I should have know better than to order steak at a restaurant know for its seafood.
 For a great steak go next door to Ruth Chris Steak House. (Reservations are required)
I suggest going eat the oysters at Drago's then walk to Ruth Chris for the rest of your dinner.

OK, now have you looked at your calendar...ya ready to come visit? 
Not yet... What.... shopping,  Oh you want to know about shopping?
OK, next post shoppin in New Orleans..


Susie from Bienvenue said...

The food looked yummy but I could not keep my eyes off those cute signs...The praline shop was my fav~

Anonymous said...

YUMMM Momma!!