Sunday, October 30, 2011

Myrtles Plantation

Step back in time as Susie and I tour the
Myrtles Plantation Home
 St. Francisville, LA.

Ok...Well maybe we won't step that far back in time.
I was trying to imagine my self living back in the day strolling the grounds with these magnificent mossy oaks and along comes the Dr. Pepper truck!

Below is a little history of this beautiful home.  More history and information on the home including the haunting maybe found at this link Myrtles Plantation.

We arrived at the Myrtles the same time as eighty school children were about to embark on a tour,
so  this allowed us plenty of time
 to leisurely stroll the grounds.
The front of the plantation is difficult to photograph due to all the large oaks and crape myrtle trees.

The back of the plantation is just as grand with a
 large patio and fountain.   

As we were walking around to capture a side view of the home we were joined by
the two resident black cats...
I could not seem to get a picture of them, although they give me the creeps
even more so than the dreaded whoot owls!

Welcome ... Time for our tour of the home.

 Sorry to disappoint...we were only allowed photos in the foyer!!!

In the foyer hall they allowed me to take photos through to the ladies parlor.
Below is a mirror that is supposed to
have images that show up in it.

(No...that's not a ghost...that's the tour guide. 
 He was kinda creepy and to my disappointment did not give a very good tour. I actually knew more about the Myrtles than him and felt sorry for the couple touring from Belgium)

Here is a picture my son took...
Still I only see the reflection of my son smiling back in what appears to be a very dirty mirror.

This is another photo taken of the ladies parlor... Not sure what the white image is, to me it could be a reflection from the flash, my son thinks one of the spirits that is said to roam the home and property.
 Leave me a comment on what you think it could be...

Here is a little video we taped for ya'll
Please do not laugh to hard.. keep in mind we are not professionals. LOL

Not to disappoint my quilting friends,
checkout this awesome piece of hanging wall art 
The picture does not even do it justice. 

This weekend so many of you have already had your first dusting of snow (lucky),
I hope that you enjoyed our tour, as we are still celebrating fall in the south.


Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Melissa, what a grand home! FYI...I agree with your son; that's one of the 'spirits' in the background!! LOL!!! See his arm sticking out behind him and his little pot belly?? LOL!!! Ok, humor me on this one!!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Beautiful plantation...and I think it's a ghost. Moldy Girl told me so.

NanaDiana said...

What a great post and I LOVE the to hear how y'all sound! So much fun..spooky but fun. was Grandmother's Button? Have a blessed Sunday night- xo Diana

Judy said...

We were at The Myrtles in 2010 and loved it! You can see my post on my blog of 3/2/10 (here's the link but I don't think you can click on it

We toured Vicksburg & Natchez first then went to St. Francisville for our vacation that year. You just can't beat touring the south...of course, I'm a little prejudiced since I'm from here!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on The Myrtles...


Susie from Bienvenue said...

This was such a fun trip! Scary...not one bit till the ride home with your son driving...hahaha! No..really :)
Can't wait to see where we end up next.

Clydia said...

Wow -- I just love your blog and really look forward to your posts! Love getting to see this plantation, so thanks so much for sharing. L.O.V.E ya'lls video! :)

PS -- I think it's a GHOST!


Heathahlee said...

How cute are y'all! Loved that house. And to answer Susie's question up there in the comment a couple before SHOULD end up in North Mississippi! :)

Anonymous said...

The picture in the ladies parlor at the Myrtles Plantation is just a reflection from the camera.People who say that they see a ghost are just saying that to please skeptics who don't believe in ghosts- that is that they're just seeing things. I never been to The Myrtles Plantation before even after people have died don't just haunt the living in the afterlife.

This is not a picture of a ghost, but just plain a very clear picture of The Myrtles Plantation. I'm also going to receive a book in early October about the plantation and some of the rooms or every one of them on this month.

Anonymous said...

I know that the Myrtles Plantation has had a very tragic history on the people that once lived there.I have gotten stuff from them such as a postcard,magnet, and a greeting card-no ghost pictures were shown. I like the history of the Antebellum South on the many historical plantation homes that are located in Louisiana.