Monday, January 30, 2012


I was ready to make my garlic cheese ball for my post this morning and realized Camo Man only grabbed one cream cheese at the you know where I am heading to this mornin.

 Would ya like to see what I picked at the 
 'Little House In The Big Woods' this weekend?

Camo Man planted a grass mixture for the deer by the house...
to my surprise there were turnips..
Nice turnips. 

 Guess we have picky deer!
They came in the field to eat, but left the turnips.
 (We also had a over abundance of acorns in the backwoods.)
 I could not let them go to waste. 
 We picked them and gave them away to friends and family.
Did you have a relaxing weekend?

Also you still have time to visit Susie and enter to win one of my shoe totes in my shop. 
 Thank you to everyone who has stopped in and made a purchase or wished me well.


NanaDiana said...

I love that your deer left the turnips for you. I guess you could say the "turn-up" their noses at what you planted for them? xo Diana

Mrs. H said...

YUM! I'm prefer Mustards but I like turnips too.
I love what Diana said about the deer "turn-up" their noses, too cute.
My hubby usually just plants Rye Grass and the automatic feeder throws corn out.

Blondie's Journal said...

I love turnips...I use them in soups and stews all winter long!


Anonymous said...

Please, Please let me know when yu get more of the pink and green bags with the fleur di lis?
I'm sure every AKA has bought them all.