Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Letter From Max

FORWARD NOTE...  I have a guest blogger today.  Let me introduce you to Max.
Max is the baby in our family and with any family we have jealousy issues.  Our oldest picks on him, because he can sleep in our room and I talk to him in a baby voice.  I am certain she will be giving me loads of GRIEF because Max gets to do a blog post before her. LOL  
Thank you Max for all that you bring to our family!

Guten Tag (hello),
   This is my new years letter to all you bloggers...what ever that is.. all I know is that I love it when she blogs, cause i get to sit on her feet.  Well except when she gets up for more coffee. :)
 for the new year, I wish MiMi would stop with all the pictures, but thats not gonna happen, she just bought a new flash and lens for that camera.

Here I am at the "little house in the big woods"   MiMi used to let me run free..yes RUNNN FREEEEE.
i messed that up... I ran off and was only gone 45 mins. and now I have to walk on that stupid leash.
This year she somehow forgot my gift. that will never happen again!
I pouted in the first opened box for about 30 min.
  the skinny girl that lives up the stairs
( I like to bite her when she fusses at me for barking)
even felt sorry for me and fussed at MiMi!

Look at the mess she has to clean up this weekend.
 I HATED that tree...
Blue ,  Red,  Purple , Green ,  Black
Who gives a heck what dang colors where on it !!  It blocked my two favorite I just ran right under it..
I tell ya, I got flocked every dern time I tried to see the squirrels.

Now that big messy thing is out the way I can get back to my routine!
Oh and by the way, I have a few people that I would like to 'THANK'
Aunt Susie,   TY for gettin MiMi out the house to come buy me all those years ago. Between me and you, I really think I saved her life!
The Boy that also puts up with the skinny girl up stairs,  TY for taking care of me when they all take off to go on 'Road Trips' 
Camo Man,  TY for slippin me those treats and throwing in an extra scrambled egg for me every now and then. 
Skinny Girl,  if you would take a minute to bend down and pet me, I would not bark at you so much. Because I really think your cute and you smell YUMMY! 
 And that little nibble on your butt cheek, I was so excited the Saints won the Superbowl, I could not contain myslf and it was in my face!
MiMi,  I do not have to tell you how I feel. I show you everyday when you have to get up and walk me, or you sit there and talk crap to me cause no one else wants to listen.
Blog People,  TY for reading her blog...she loves to sit and type to ya'll, but I mostly see her smile when  she gets comments and email. It encourages her to keep on blogging, I need her to do that so that I may continue to sit on her feet! LOL  LOL (yes even I have humor).

Heart ya,
MAX    aka the Baby 


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Dear Max, You know I really don't like you all that much. Yes, there I said it! But now that I have read your post I think I may just have a change of heart. You still freak me out when you stare me down but I guess I can overlook that. You do bring my sister tons of joy and to me that is priceless. favorite post yet!

Cheri said...

So cute to get the pups thoughts (through the momma because she is the only one who knows what the pup (baby) thinks). Aww...Max is cute. I have a doxie, Macy, that is our whimpy juvenile delinquent, who thinks she is tough stuff but we love her anyway.

NanaDiana said...

Awww...Max...You sure have to put up with a lot AND you got flocked and fleeced (out of a gift) this year! Maybe next year it will be better! xo Diana

ps...tell your Momma to pop by my blog today if she had a minute...she'll find a belly laugh waiting for her there!;>)

Blondie's Journal said...

You are a darling, like the squirrels just like my Milo and Layla! I can't blame you! Sorry you didn't get anything for Christmas, maybe you will be spoiled throughout the year to make up for it!


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Aww, good boy Max!
What a sweetie- Sophie sits on my feet, too.
Glad you have such a cute little man to love. : )

mississippi artist said...

What a handsome man you are Max. You need to visit my three girls that sit on top of me while I blog.!Hope Santa remembers you next year.

Debilou ~ Mississippi Mama said...

Hi, Max,, shame on mimi for forgetting your Christmas present. But I think you did great for your first blog post. Made me laugh