Friday, January 6, 2012


OK...I am not really a huge football fan ...
I just like to make and eat the party food.

BUT this weekend is going to be the weekend all Louisianans have been waiting for!
Saints tomorrow night and LSU  Monday night.

I just could not have a blog called
'Made In The South' and not make a  reference to the games.


Tomorrow I will attempt to make cake pops,
this should be interesting. If any of you have made them before, PLEASE share any tips you may have.


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Yes indeed!

Made In The South said...

Susie... I was gonna call ya, but looked at the clock and saw how late it was. Then I see you commented here, it is wayyy past your bed time. HAHA

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

I LOVE IT!! GEAUX SAINTS! GEAUX TIGERS! It's gonna be a great weekend at my house!!

mississippi artist said...

The Saints are the ONLY football I watch!

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Atta girl!! Geaux Tigers and of course, Geaux Saints! Breaking out everything fleur de lis for the weekend. :)
Have fun!

The Lovely One said...

I have one of those cakepop pans that are as seen on tv, and they came out great! You can get all fancy and make your batter from scratch, but I 'm a working mom so I used a cake mix. The trick is to put in an extra egg, and put in milk instead of water, and only use half the amount. This will make a thicker pop. If you just make the batter according to package directions, they'll come out too light and fluffy and they'll slide off your stick when you add your candy coating! Have fun making them!

Kimberly-mytoesareclaustrophobic said...

Geaux Saints! I love me some Saints! I'm also an LSU fan. This Texas house will be cheering for our Louisiana neighbors the weekend through.

Stephanie said...

Watching the Saints game right now {our mini Charger team since all of our good players went to the Saints! How's a girl transform aChargers Sprooles jersey to look like a saint jersery?} Happy New Year Melissa! I am going to miss the flocked tree saga :( Never made cake pops, but that is probably a good thing, since I am not a baker. Good luck with that!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I'm not a huge football fan. My husband is in Louisiana for the next few days and it was hard to find a hotel room!

Sylvia said...

I'm on board with the Saints but I roll with the TIDE!
Hope the Saints win the Super Bowl but sad that Mark Ingram won't be playing.

NanaDiana said...

Yep- Living in Green Bay, WI, we are all about tailgating and football and the Packers! I get it! xo Diana

Mule said...

do you know who designed that LSU/Saints Logo?

Anonymous said...

My name is Damon and I did that painting as a Christmas present for a friend of mine. This picture was posted before I got to put my name on it. It made it's way around the internet and Facebook when they both went to the playoffs.

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