Saturday, March 3, 2012

Computer Saga ~ Realize Blog Addiction

Ok...I have a new laptop...just charged it up.  Go get ya a cup of coffee, tea or that Route 66 from Sonic, this is gonna be a long one with no pictures. :(
I'm am not one for change...and I am just not liking it!

I miss ya'll so much and can see very little on my phone.
This is going to cost me alot, because trying to see your blogs on my phone is hard, eye squinting hard. Like, I will need glasses next.

As I type this my fingers are slipping off the keys and hitting the wrong ones. 
Oops, lost ya there for a moment!
I never take anything back to the store..never..but this little slick black and grey baby is going back in the box.
I thought that I wanted something small since we travel a good bit ...but packing the extra weight for a laptop that  I can type on is sooo worth the extra pound.
Also ... crazy as it sound the Cutie Puttootie (CP) sales guy had me so darn confused. YIKES
I refuse to pay a ton of money for a laptop to blog on ...
sorry girls, I love ya'll but a girl has to set her limits.
CP was talking all that foreign language.
You know the one they did not offer to us in high school,
" Computer Blah Blah"
(Girls, I graduated in 1985. That was when you could still bring liquid paper to school for typing class.  No sniffing for this old girl.. I was too high from all the hair spray in my bangs!)

Ok.. back to the computer saga.  
 I was over whelmed...CP was losing me, even with his baby blues and blond wavy hair, my head was spinning! 
 Over Whelmed!  
I could hear Camo Man in a distance saying, "So which one do you want baby?" 
Have you ever just picked something to just get it over with?
Yes, that is what I did!  
When we were at the checkout, I asked  little Cutie Putootie what he was majoring in college  ... Mechanical Engineering.
Hell, that explains why this old Cajun housewife could not understand what the heck a Quad processor is or why I need the Intel Core. 

Then this morning the kids both asked "Why did you get that one?"  
I hate when they do that to me.  I had asked  them for a week to help me pick one. Of course they would never let me use their laptops. 
They said that I have a bad track record.  Three laptops in four years. 
Is that bad?  How long have you had yours?
It's ok be honest, I need honesty.

All I know is that I WANT to blog! 
 I NEED to blog!

I miss ya'll more that you will ever know.
 I can not function without my blog!
Miss Ya'll ...I will be back soon...well as soon as I find a laptop I can type on.


Susan said...

I don't know what that CP sweet-talked you into (a tablet?) but I love love LOVE my laptop, a Macbook Pro. It's a 13 in. and it's awesome for typing and everything else!! :)

NanaDiana said...

I hate when you get talked into something you aren't really sure you want. I just got one not too long ago. An HP Pavillion Notebook (it's the large screen) and I just love it. It did take me a while to get used to the keyboard and I spent a week retyping more than half of what I typed in the first place..but now I love it! LOVE IT! Good luck and we'll see you when we see you. Give Blonde/BlueEyedBoy a big hug when you make your return~ xo Diana (ps..see if you can get a kid to go with you-my own son helped pick it)

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I don't have a laptop, just the regular old computer with a full keyboard, and that is about all I can handle. Good luck. Hugs, marty

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Girl, we are tracking the same direction!! EVen with the 1985 graduation year and hairspray thing... I recognize a kindred child of the 80s when I see one!
Now, I hafta say, I've had my laptop almost 4 years. This is the first major crash I've experienced, though I did fall prey to a debilitating virus last summer. I hate being without MY computer and having to share/sneak the others... maybe we'll both be back on track soon. Good luck, sweetie!!
xo Heidi

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Girl, we are tracking the same direction!! EVen with the 1985 graduation year and hairspray thing... I recognize a kindred child of the 80s when I see one!
Now, I hafta say, I've had my laptop almost 4 years. This is the first major crash I've experienced, though I did fall prey to a debilitating virus last summer. I hate being without MY computer and having to share/sneak the others... maybe we'll both be back on track soon. Good luck, sweetie!!
xo Heidi

The Lovely One said...

3 lap tops in four years??? That is some serious bad luck! I've had the same lap top for 6 years now, although I have been trying to convince my husband I need a new one!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

You always did have niuce hair glad I can visit you anytime I wanna. But you need a lap top girl. get an HP like me and we can be twins. Hurry cause the CL fair is coming soon and we got some bloggin to do!!!

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

What, no liquid paper in class anymore?? And am I out of style with the big bangs still????? Lol, just kidding. If I had the time that I spent on my hair and make up waaaayyy back then......
I graduated in 86, those were the good old days, weren't they?
Best of luck with your new laptop!

Clydia said...

Mkay that was seriously funny! Sorry, I know it's not funny to you. Good luck laptop shopping! {HUGS}

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Once I got the iPad, I gave up the laptop to one of the boys. I don't write while we're traveling but I read blogs the whole time! Takes great pics, too! Pop it in your embroidered tote and away you go!
Come back soon- we miss you!

Sue said...

Change can often be difficult, Missy! I have a mini-laptop that I just love and I can blog on it with Windows Live Writer installed, just like on my PC. I received an Ipad for Xmas and it is so different! No Live Writer, no Flash Player, etc. etc. It's a glorified look-book!
I want to sell it and just get another mini. (now called netbooks) I would say that your track record is pretty baaaad, girlfriend! LOL What did you buy this time, anyway? Glad you got the "no reply" thing straightened out from my post.
:-) Sue

Stephanie said...

I am looking for a new car, but I have the opposite problem. I can't make up my mind. Maybe if I had a cutie putie waiting on me, I would be driving a new car by now!

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