Friday, March 16, 2012

Purple Bubble Wrap Anyone?

Purple bubble wrap...
 did not know they even made the stuff till this post.

Why do I need bubble wrap?   And purple at that...
That's my daughters favorite color.
 Yes, I want to just wrap her up and protect her from the world.
She was never an accident prone child,
but gosh she is making up for it now. We really never had to visit the ER for the kids.
 ( Oh yeah, there was once when Susie was babysitting my son.
But thats another post! HAHA ) 

This week she was in another accident.
Not on a golf cart this time, but in her car.
She was hit from behind (actually three cars behind her where in a chain reaction accident)

And the family wonders where my anxiety comes from? 
I did have to laugh...even at age 23, the first thing she said was
"It wasn't my fault."
She said it with such relief in her voice,
like she was not going to get punished. 
 Let me just say, this girl has never been punished.
 I think she just worries she will disappoint us.
Night before last her ankle was burning (same one that was injured in the golf cart accident) so she went to her orthopedic doctor and found out it is sprained. While there she mentioned that her back was hurting.  Thank goodness, she was then sent to another specialist in the building.
There he said that she has a stress fracture in her lower back.
Looks like she should just get a little sign marking her parking spot at the her physical therapy office. LOL

Yes, I do believe that I should just wrap the girl in purple bubble wrap... you know it is her favorite color!

Do you have a child that needs bubble wrap? 
It comes in other colors...just sayin!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend friends,


Clydia said...

Ugh -- car wrecks. Not fun! Glad she is on the mend & the whole bubble wrap idea cracked me up! :)

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I'm glad to hear your daughter will be alright after some physical therapy and with time! I raised 5 kids...When we walked into the ER it was like Norm walking into Cheers! You saw the pictures of my daughter after her 4 wheel accident right? Nothing like being called in the middle of the night and a chaplin meeting you at the hospital cause they don't know if your child is brain dead or not. Seriously, I believe I have earned all the gray hairs and winkles I have. So I just want you to know, I understand, I totally understand. But I have to tell you, just wait till you have grandchildren...OMgoodness sakes, that is a whole different story. Send me some of that bubble wrap okay, and in pink! :) Have a great weekend!

Mrs. H said...

aw...I will be praying for her!
Right now I could sure use some bubble wrap! Anna Lynn is pulling up on EVERYTHING...Lord I want to put a helment on that child! I know she has to learn, but it's hard anxiously watching her, knowing that she's going to fall :(
I'm trying not to worry, because I know this phase wont last long and I need to enjoy every single moment. ahhh, I can't believe she's almost one!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- Your poor, poor daughter. Sounds like she is taking all the proper roads to recovery though. It is scary no matter how old our kids are when something happens to them.

I did NOT know bubble wrap came in all those colors. Pray tell-WHERE did you find it? xo Diana

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Melissa! Good grief, I'm glad she's okay.
Yes, wrap her up in all the purple bubble wrap you can get your hands on.
Then please send me the green!

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Gosh! I'm glad to know that she is ok!! You should own stock in bubble wrap!! My youngest is accident prone (clumsy). I need some for her!! LOL!!

Rory Fugerson said...

This is cool. I never seen a purple bubble wrap before. Is it more expensive than those cheap bubble wrap? I'd like to get some, where can I actually order?

Stephanie said...

I don't think that there is enough bubble wrap in this world for our kids. We always worry, no matter what age they are. Anxiety goes hand in hand with kids, comes with the Mom title. My sister and I think we watch too many Dateline and 48 hour shows, we just get a little paranoid after seeing them. Hope your sweetie feels better soon!

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