Monday, March 5, 2012

Mexican Corn Dip

Mexican Corn Dip
aka ~ Hano's Dip

This is a dip that a friend made while we where on a camping trip years ago. Hence the name  "aka ~ Hano's Dip"

My daughter never forgot Mrs. Jenn's dip.   Last weekend it was rainy and she was in a snacking mood.  She face booked our friend,  for the recipe.  She graciously shared it with us.
Thanks Jenn!

2 cans of Mexican Corn
(you can see in the picture I picked up two different kinds and it tasted just fine)

6-8 oz sour cream

1/4 cup ranch dressing
(or you can use mayo with a packet of powdered ranch)

small onion

shake or two of powdered garlic

chopped jalapenos to taste

1 cup shred Mex cheese
(more of less to achieve the desired thickness of dip)

When I opened the cans of corn ...
I was thinking ...
How many of you use a hand crank can opener and
how many of you use an electric one?
Just wonderin...

Mix it all together.
It is not a really gorgeous dip...
but it has flavor with just the right pop of heat.

Here is the hard part.
Cover it and let it stay over night in the refrigerator. 
I hate makeing stuff and then waiting to eat it...

That could be on the list of  sacrifices  for Lent.
Make something and put it up until the next
day without eating one bite. 
Don't know about you, but that would be pretty dang hard for me.

Serve with Frito's
Trust me, it has to be Frito's, the combo gives it the perfect taste.
We tried it with crackers and another type of Mexican chip,
it was not the same.
I do not a have a picture of the dip and Frito's in a pretty little dish, because someone got to the dip before I could get the camera...

Let me know what you think or if you have made it
and have a different spin.

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Susie from Bienvenue said...

Yum! Will it be at the camp this weekend? ;)

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Oh I love this dip with frito's!

Nicole said...

That actually looks yummy to me! I will have to try it!

Mrs. H said...

Goodness...that looks wonderful! I use a "hand crank" can opener. I have an electric that I got for a wedding gift that I never use.

Emily said...

I have a similar recipe that I got from a friend years ago. These corn dips are perfect for a crawfish boil :)

Windy said...

I use a hand crank opener, too! I despise the electric ones!
The dip looks good, and I love the red bowl :)

Sue said...

I know I will love this, Missy~ Any recipe that has chile and garlic in it is my best friend- I'm from the southwest- New Mexico- if you remember! LOL
Thanks for sharing your recipe. Fritos are still my fav. :-)