Thursday, June 16, 2011


This was an ugly sand pile  in the side yard that we turned into box gardens.

When I returned home...WOW our little box gardens have grown and are just beautiful. Camo Man has out done himself.
I have gotten wonderful comments from neighbors and even texts messages   about our little gardens. 

This is the zucchini...


What to you do with abundance? 
We have eaten it until I think my skin now has a tint of green to it.

Make bread...
lots and lots of bread
to share and freeze

Abundance...of tomatoes..

We have Romas and many other varieties

I have a great salsa recipe, but it is not one that you can jar for later use. 
(not to mention, I am scared to  jar)
 If you have ANY tips, suggestions or recipes on how to jar salsa i would love to have it, please leave me a comment...


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh my sweet sweet sister..just make that salsa and give me a call. I would be more than happy to fry up some of those taco's we had on our trip and join you! I miss our chats and giggles.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to can/jar either. But if you get sick of making salsa you could go with tomato (spaghetti) sauce. I know that can be frozen for future use.

Oo! And you can use hommade tomato sauce and pasta (arranged all prety in a glass jar) as a gift too!

A Thrifted Market said...

I need an idea for the tomatoes too!! I have an abundance just waiting to be used, but how much salsa can you keep?? I'm up for suggestions too..

Clydia said...

Wow -- your garden looks so great! YUM, you made me hungry for some of my moms salsa! Share the recipe please! XOXO

sweetpea said...

melissa, thank you for your sweet comment. i love that you are using your good stuff and i bet all your guests do too. i don't have a salsa recipe but would love to suggest a food pantry for some of your abundance. looks like you had a fab time at farm chicks!



3131 Lady Lane said...

I just toss my extra tomatoes that will not get used before they go bad into a gallon Ziploc and keep adding til full. Pull them out later to add to soups or other dishes.

Amy Kinser said...

Your garden and veggies look wonderful.

We got started late on ours this year because my husband had to have surgery on his achilles tendon. The garden is planted but will be a while in producing.

glenda said...

Thank you Melissa for leaving such a sweet comment for me.
I think I am gonna have to put on my big girl jeans and blog whatever I feel like...
I'm envious of your garden bounty.
I did a lot of canning when I was younger, and I loved it.
Come back and see me anytime.
I'm a new follower of you..