Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meeting The Fabulous Beekman Boys

First Grade...before I had a pet goat...

When I was a little girl I had a goat named Nannie. She followed me around like a dog.  My parents divorced so we had to move to my mawmaw and pawpaws house (southern lingo for grandparents).
 I had to leave my dear Nannie behind. 
When I went back for a visit my dad avoided the questions about Nannie and he then reluctantly stated he had given her away to a friend. 
 I really did not buy that answer, it was more likely that he took her to a stockyard and sold her.  I wanted to believe  that she was running around with other goats in a big ole field of daisies... 
That has always stayed with me and I always had a dream of owning my own goat farm with a big field of daisies.

This was in about fourth grade...major tom boy, animal lover ...  my poor mother .... she said I would refuse to wear anything else!

Fast Forward 33 years

My husband and I live on a little over an acre of land with forty chickens,
two dogs and two almost grown children.
 But because we live on one busy highway and have thousands of hours in landscaping and box gardens we can not chance having run away goats.

Working on our landscape.

Do goats eat roses?  They would have a rose buffet, we have fifteen bushes just in the back landscape.

Besides our neighbor is Camo Mans mawmaw and she would die if we had goats running around.

You all know we have a "Little House in the Big Woods"  in Mississippi. 
 We are blessed to call this place home on the weekends. We are half a mile from the highway and there is more than enough land to have animals.

This is my goat from one of my Road Trips and my field of clover.

  Problem it is a two hour drive from my home so a
 goat farm is out of the question for now.
 Well at "Little House in the Big Woods"  as crazy as it sounds
 I catch a channel called Planet Green.
One night I watched the premiere of a show called
The Fabulous Beekman Boys

There it was, on that show, the goat farm I have always dreamed of owning.
Two city fellows from New York City (Dr. Brent and Josh)
 started a farm and opened a business.
 But, if that is not enough Josh has written a book about their life
and has a  cookbook in the works.  
They have put a small town (Sharon Springs) with its wonderful citizens out there for the world to see and love.
Dr. Brent and Josh of course have wonderful friends that
 help them pull all of this together. One of those characters is none other
than Farmer John and his now famous goats.
(the goats have their very own live web cam)

  Farmer John captured my heart from the very first episode.
 His love and compassion  for his goats is to be admired.
They are living their dream...of course with lots of hard work and sacrifice.

Can I tell you that night, I learned how to DVR real quick.
 I had to watch and see what they were going to do next.
Would their dream work out or go bust?
I found them right away on FB so that I could follow along...then had to add twitter in the mix.

  You can not even imagine my excitement when I was able to
 meet them in New Orleans.  They are such genuine hard working guys.

Dr. Brent, myself, and Josh

Camo Man had to ride to N.O. with me. He was so curious about
 why I kept gushing about Josh and Brent.  
Who are those guys that now make our family question 
" where does the food they eat come from".
After hearing them speak about their love of Sharon Spring and working hard to get where they are,  Camo Man is hooked too! 
While I was running my mouth, Camo Man was busy buying their
Back Porch Soap Collection and Josh's book! 
 Review of that in another post.

Only about 30 miles from home did I realize that I forgot my camera!
A BIG shout out to McGreevy-Squier Photograghy 
 they are the sweetest couple! 
They were visiting all the way from San Antonio.  They so graciously took my picture.  THANK YA'LL

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."


Jenn @ Handmade Homebody said...

Oh my goodness I am soooooo jealous!! I love the Fabulous Beekman Boys!! How wonderful that you got to meet them and have your picture taken! I bought some of their soap last summer and I love it! Enjoy!

Twice as Nice said...

I've heard of them but I don't watch the show. We don't get that channel.

The one thing I did notice is that in your picture with the bibs you look so much like Maddy! Did you notice the similarities?

Wendy said...

I read about them in a magazine about a year ago, but didn't know they have a show. Oh my goodness Miss Sarah is going to be hooked on the goat cam!
So very happy for you and the opportunity to meet them!
I had no idea you have chickens...we are going to have to chat sometime! We are looking to get chickens next summer, but have no idea what we are doing!
Have a great day :)

T.@WhatWeKeep said...

Love this post! I hope you get your goats one day. : )

Clydia said... with that fountain in your garden! Just wanted you to know.

I've never heard of the Beekman Boys, but I'm gonna FB them now!

And believe it or not I had a goat named Nanny when I was younger too. I begged and begged for her, then she ate the top off my moms Lincoln continental and head butted a huge plate glass window one evening while she watched our family eat dinner on the other side of it. Needless to say Nanny had to go find her own big ole field of daisies! :(

Sue said...

Melissa, I look forward to seeing them on tv again. They are so enjoyable to watch- goats, cheese, soap and all! They really are trying to live their dream. Glad you got to meet them. :-) Sue

Brittany said...

Great post MOMA! Maybe one day I will have some land and will get some goats for my kids. You can help them take care of them. Love you!

sandi lee said...

Oh, I love the Beekman Boys - wish I had known they were in New Orleans - it seems you do so many fun things - living life to the fullest -