Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Idea For Your Patches

When my daughter was a Brownie, I could not wait to volunteer. 
The leader was more that happy to let me help.  She was the sweetest lady I ever met.  Whenever we had an activity and she had an extra patch
she would give me one. 
 I had no idea what to do with them, but wanted to show them off .
 (Secret Dream, always wanted to be a Blue Bird). 

 I found this cute denim tote at a Big Box Store for just a few dollars 
 So the 'Patch Bag' was started.

This is the little patch that started it all ... we had taken the girls caroling at the local nursing home.
I also was a paraprofessional at the time for a special education class.
A sweet students mother  brought me a pin and I had just the right place for it.

When on vacation I now look for patches instead of t shirts. 
 I love to use my tote for carrying my library books, or the newest crochet project.  

Camo Man received this lounge chair for Fathers Day...He opened it in the kitchen and has not taken it to the patio yet.

 I loved trying it out while sewing on my newest patches. 
I always sew the patches in place, I have found if I ironed them on they just don't hold up to the use.
   If you have a few patches laying around what have you added them to?


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Wonder where your next patch will come from...road trip ahead!!!

Twice as Nice said...

I don't have any patches, I wasn't a girl scout (my girls were for a short while) but I was a blue bird!! Do they even have them or call them that anymore? I haven't heard anyone mention blue birds in a long time.

Bonnie said...

What??? The Cabela's chair hasn't made it to the patio? I am so surprised!!! Those are some of the most comfortable chairs ever. I keep hoping we can head to Cabela's & pick up a few for our house! They are so stinkin' comfortable.

And I love the patches. Isn't it fun to discover the unintentional collection? What a great way to make them useful, too!!