Friday, June 17, 2011

That's Not What I Planted...

Last summer I added a few new plants to the landscape.
Some did not bloom...
So what I thought was going to be purple agapanthus...
Let's just say does not even resemble them. LOL

No clue what they are. 
 But, they sure are giving the agapanthus a run for their money  

So glad for unexpected surprises! 
 Have you ever had an unexpected garden surprise?


Heidiopia said...

Well, I would say that's a lovely surprise! Those are the best kind. Now if I could only have one in my own garden. :)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Sweet! They look like a cross between a pansy and a spider plant. Maybe you something going here ha! Your yard is so beautiful...I can't even get my grass to grow :(

Stephanie said...

Oh my I LOVE that plant. If you find out what it is called please let us know, it is so unusual!

HeathahLee said...

Just about every plant we have in our yard was a pleasant surprise. The people who lived here before us just ran over them all with the lawnmower. Now we have a huge crepe myrtle, a beautiful peony, and a rosebush that I cannot kill, no matter how hard I try! LOL!

Tracey S said...

Crinium longifolium?? Use google images to check it out. I saw another variety of crinium in Southern Living and ordered a couple for my California garden. This one is very unusual.

Twice as Nice said...

Everything is growing for you. Your tomato plants in your last post are fabulous. Our growing season is a lot slower than yours in the south. We are just starting to get flowers on our tomato plants! Do you get tomatoes from now until fall? Ours aren't ready until the end of July or even August!

Bonjour said...

That plant is a wild spider lilly and here in Louisiana they are an endangered plant so I would love and cherish it...and give it lots of water! Now I want to go for a ride and find some on the side of the road LOL

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