Friday, July 22, 2011

Doggone Cute DIY

I updated the stair rail from wooden spindles to wrought iron.
 There was nothing wrong with them.
 I actually gave them away and they were given back.
 So they sat and sat in the garage.  

That is until I ran across this little picture that gave me inspiration.

How stinkin cute is that....a dog bed and a use for my stair spindles.  YEAH
I photographed the information in case you are interested in looking for the exact directions to make theirs.

Of course, I did not follow their instructions, I kinda did my own thing.

The neighbors thought I was making a table...which would be a great idea...

Dang...bought the wrong size screws...back to Lowes

This bed is put together with screws, few nails,
 wood glue and these corner brackets. 
(Making sure it can hold up during a hurricane,
 because the dog only weighs 17 pounds)

 I had purchased the cutest little bun feet,
 but saw these laying in the grass. These are the tops of the spindle.
WA LA budget friendly feet for  FREE 

Since the spindles were stained, I went ahead and stained the rest of the bed to match.  Then Camo Man applied two coats of sealer to help it resist scratches.

I am not finished yet, I have to make the cover to fit the insert that was 22X22.

I put it in the corner of my bedroom.
Look at the face he gave me, don't believe he wants it in the corner.
His other bed was in front of the window...
guess that's where I better put it.

He's happy now... and so am I 
I get to go shopping today for some cool fabric to make his cover.

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My Cottage Charm said...

The snap beans were yummy! :)
I LOVE your doggy cute! Aren't you glad they gave the spindles back?! lol
Have a great weekend

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Can you say S*P*O*I*L*D!!!! Sooo stinkin' cute! Have a great weekend~

MamaTina said...

You're so lucky, if I spent that much time and energy in making a bed for our cat, she would never get in it. Great job!

Kimberly-mytoesareclaustrophobic said...

OH my gosh that is PRECIOUS!!!! You creative girl you!

Twice as Nice said...

Darling! You did a great job. Love the new wrought iron gives it a more sophisticated look. Have a great week.
Oh, as far as the initials (I have never seen them on car windows) are they fancy like a monogram? Not sure what your friend is looking for but I am sure we could come up with something.