Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When In Doubt... Check It Out

Look at this sweet little crab...  yeah, I know he is missing a claw. 
 But did you know he is smarter than most of us? 
He was looking for a shady spot after some little kid dug him up.
 He knows to not get in the sun and only comes out to play at night!

Thought I had it right, go out late in the evening.

Wear all the  protection you can from that big orange ball in the sky,
sunscreen, glasses, get the picture.

Yesterday, I had a visit with my dermatologist.  
Even with all the precautions,
I still had to have not one, but TWO large biopsies taken....
OOOOCH very painful! 
I had a spot on my arm that I thought was a bug bite that would not go away...well it would get better and then next thing I knew there it was again, 
I finally went to the doctor.
She then wanted to look at the rest of my torso...
could not understand why, but agreed
 One mole that I have had for so many years  under my arm
(has never seen the sun) GONE! 
She totally caught me by surprise when she saw it and insisted it had to go!
Now the wait for the lab report....hate that part.
Waiting is worse than the actual removal.

For those of you that read my sisters blog,  she has been well fussed at for getting that sun burn at the beach!


~ One in Five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of their lifetime.
~ One person an hour dies from the skin cancer Melanoma.   WOW that is scary.
~   I have a link straight to more information on skin cancer and prevention,

My new motto .... When in Doubt...Have it Checked Out. 


A Thrifted Market said...

Oh noooo...I just posted about getting a sunburn this weekend..yikes!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Praying it is just fine...I will now wear sunscreen... :)

Sandi said...

Hope everything is fine. The same thing happened to me at the beginning of June. I had a quarter size amount of skin removed from my lower eyelid. They got it all. I never even thought anything about the tiny little spot. Thank goodness my doctor noticed.

Nicole said...

oh girl...I have had 3 biopsies in the last 5 years. I had a very large mole taken off my back about 8 years ago and a small area returned a few years later...had to have that biopsied. Then last summer I had to have 2 . It's so scary. I am a sunscreen wearing fool these days! I need something for my scalp. I've seen a spray but haven't found any in the stores.

The Lovely One said...

Ugh! Hope everything turns out ok. I've also had what I thought was a acne pimple on my arm. Just like yours, it comes and goes. Now I suppose I'll have to get it checked out!

Wendy said...

So glad you went to have them checked out. We go every year to have the "once over" and every year they seem to find one or two moles that need to go! I'll be praying for you :)
P.S.(love the pictue with the ocean in the background)

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I'm a sunscreen girl... But even with all the sunscreen in the world is seems like some freckle or mole pops up. I've had lots taken off but none ever showed any form of cancer. Praise God. I pray you get the same news! Love the pictures, you guys are so cute together!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh so important to have things cheched out. I hope all comes out well. Thanks so much for stopping by and your gracious comments. Hugs, Marty

omar ali said...

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