Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finding The Right Rug

I had new hardwood floors put in when we went through our kitchen disaster..
"Good Bye Mr. Satined Carpet"

Have you ever envisioned a room in your head? 
I could close my eyes and just dream of a beautiful rug...

This was a too little dark,

A little to light, would not look to good with spaghetti O's on it.

Room is too long and narrow for a round rug.

So many choices...

I thought it would be a great idea to get a designer to help me out.
 She came over for a little visit, measured and suggested the perfect rug.
 Along with new chairs and recliner for Camo Man.
What better way to sell your husband on something,
than to promise a new recliner. 
Well I waited and the day arrived...
The delivery men where at my door!

Sorry,  I took these with my cell phone, I was shocked,
 disappointed and crying!

  It did not even extend to the chairs (which one of them was broken).
I tried just placing it under the table. 
No matter how I turned it...the rug just did not work!

I thought when she told me that the room needed a 
 5X7 rug that sounded a bit small,
 but  she was the professional.
I was so disappointed...Back to the store it went.
I then took it upon myself to just order what I wanted...heck it is my house.

This pattern is almost exactly the same.

(I am in the process of getting rid of the blue chair in the corner and replacing it with a chest or little table, also looking for a darker wood tray and items for the coffee table.)

 This rug was actually much larger and was cheaper at a different store.
I am so much happier with this one.
Even though the designer lady stated this size was wrong for the room!
I am learning that in the end I am paying for it and my family is the ones who have to live with the rug.

Every time I tried to take a picture of the pattern Max would jump in.
 (I just noticed in a picture above he is sitting by the coffee table.)
 After fussin at him...

I look over and he is givin me the mean eyes...
sittin in the chair he is NOT allowed in!  Guess he showed me!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

That Max!!! I'm so glad you are starting to believe in yourself. I love the new bigger rug and Max....well he is growing on me..ha!

Twice as Nice said...

I have seen where some people use the 5x7 rugs and I think they are way to small for the space. I too have hardwood floors and my rug is at least 7x10. I'm not sure because I have had multiple...darn dog likes to throw up on it when he isn't feeling well. I've spent a small fortune and am actually looking to replace the one I purchased about a year and a half ago:( I want to spend less (they were each around $400) so I don't feel bad replacing them.
You were so right to go with the bigger size. It looks perfect.

Clydia said...

Great choice on the larger rug! Plus, I am in LOVE with that chair Max is sittin on!

Sue said...

You needed ME to tell you what to buy! -LOL That woman had her head caught, let me tell ya! The small 5x7 was SO out of proportion to the size of the room.
Did you use a rug mat underneath? It will prevent the rug from sliding. You do have it placed under the legs of the sofa, but you may need that non-slide capability on the end of the rug near the entertainment center. You can buy 2 smaller ones if a large one is too expensive. Plus, they are easily cut to fit with scissors. Looks good, Melissa! :-) Sue

KLoutsch said...

Please share where you found this rug!!! It is PERFECT for my family room - I have been searching forever for the right one...I think this is it. Enquiring minds want to know :)

Liz said...

Yes, please do share where you found the new rug. I love it!