Friday, July 29, 2011

What I'm Not In A Group? The Faboulous Friday Four

I have been out visiting with some blog and twitter friends. 
I love to sew, cook, crochet, take pictures, talk about my kids, read inspiring words, fix up my house.
 Ok thats just wearing me out thinking about all the stuff I love to do.

 I have come to realize that I really do not FIT in with any one type of group! 
 Sad I know.   
Guess I could put a positive spin on it...
I am diverse, right?
When you come to my blog you never know what you will find.

I wanted to share with you some blogs that are in different catagories,
but they each share one thing in common...wonderful blogs.
Wow there are alot of great ones out there. 
 I was only able to share four this Friday with you.

     I LOVE them all.
(Note: These are not in any order)

1.  Three Mango Seeds  
She has an awesome furniture update that she did for her daughter's room. LOVIN the color.

 2. Jennifer Sis Boom
  You have never seen  fabric yoyo's used like this before!
 I promise you are going to be inspired to make a yo yo or two. 
Even if you don't craft or sew, her fabric and patterns will brighten your day and give you insight into what colors are HOT right now.

3.Theresa @ Blooming on Bainbridge   
 I have been reading this blog since day one! 
First I had the pleasure of getting to visit Bainbridge, WA.,  so the name caught me.
 But any girl that can wear bright pink lipstick, I just knew she had to be originally from the south.
 Of course I had to support a southern girl way up north.   And now she is into sewing.. she made the sweetest little zippered bag this week... she shares her how to and who inspired her. Gotta love that!

4. Tanya @ Sunday Baker    
YUM ... she has a Chocolate Zucchini Cake posted right now that will make you think of Zucchini  in a whole new way.
If her recipes don't getcha...her story will!
  You HAVE to read her story...take my word for it!

Please go over checkout these ladies blogs,
 maybe even follow them on twitter....
You know you can never have to many friends...


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Ohhh you picked some goodies. I can't wait to check out your Fab four and looking forward to more! Who needs to cook and clean right? It's all over rated anyway...ha!

Wendy said...

It is always fun to discover new blogs...thank you! I am glad your blog is diverse...always something fun to read :)

Stephanie said...

I feel like I am the same! But we are well rounded right? Gonna go check out those blogs now!

Paula said...

Don't feel bad, Melissa~ I never fit in ANYWHERE! *grin*
Thanks for the heads-up on these blogs, I'll have to check them out.

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